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Hello! I'm not dead! I've been working a lot on personal stuff behind the scenes, but I am very much still active and making art!

Something I've been meaning to address is the lack of any notice saying I'm open for commissions. While I have been posting commissioned work, I have not formally opened them. The reason for that is simply when I open up commission slots, I end up getting overwhelmed and end up losing steam before I can get to all of them. I am finding that I currently can only handle one or two commissions at a time and having a wait list causes me extra stress that ends up killing any productivity I have. All of the commissions I have posted recently have been from people who approached me one on one and asked for a commission.

So, moving forward I want to lead with the following approach. Feel free to ask me for a commission! I am more than willing to take a look at any and all requests for one. However, I will only take on 1 commission at a time! If I am working on a commission when you ask me for one, it will have to wait till I finish and get back to you. I also will likely not be able to take every commission request I get! If I get a lot of different requests, I'll pick the ones I want to do in the order I wish to do them.

So, if you wish to commission me, feel free to leave a comment/note/Discord DM/Etc.! If I like what you want me to draw and I have the ability to take it, I'll be more than happy too! Below are my current commission prices for those interested.


Character Commissions:

4 Sizes:

Head - $20
Bust - $25
Half Body - $30
FullBody - $40

Extra Characters: $5 - $15 per character (Depending on complexity)

Backgrounds: $5 - $10 Depending on complexity

Completion Levels:

Sketch - 75% off Base Price
Lines - 50% Off Base Price
Flats - 25% Off Base Price

TF Commissions:

1 Frame (Mid TF - Post TF): $40
2 Frames (Before & After): $60
3 Frames: $80 - $90 (Depends on complexity)
4 Frames: $100 - $115 (Depends on complexity)
5 Frames: $120 - $140 (Depends on complexity)

+$15 Per extra Frame

+$15 per extra character

Backgrounds: $5-$15 (Depends on complexity)

Comic Commissions:

-Due to the varying amount of work making a comic can take, the prices of comic commissions will vary greatly depending on many factors.

-The number of panels, the setting/background, subject matter, amount of characters, length, etc all will affect the price of each comic page.

-Due to the more complex nature of comics, it is best if you come to me with a good idea of what it is you want. The more you tell me about the idea, the better I can create something you will like, and give a better estimate of the cost.

-When doing comic commissions, I will create a very basic layout template after talking about the idea and wait for confirmation. Once the layout is given the ok, I will the price estimate and send an invoice. In the event the price is too much, I will continue to talk till a layout & price is reached.

-The price range for comics can anywhere from $70-$180 per page. It is advised that you give a number of pages you would like based on this price range. While prices falling on the ends of the rage would be uncommon, keep them in mind when giving a page amount. The final price of a comic commission will be added together once idea talks have been made.

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